About rdm electric machines

rdm electric machines, arises from the sum of knowledge, experience and resources of three leading expert engineers in the design and production of electrical machines.

We come from engineering companies in the industrial sector, companies specializing in software design for electrical machines and teaching.

The founders of rdm electric machines are professionals with over 20 years of experience in the field of electrical machines. With abundant experience in the areas of manufacturing, design and research, addressing numerous projects in each of these areas. The union of all these skills allows us to offer a product tailored to the user, reliably and cost effectively.

What we do ?

Our products and services are aimed at companies and technology centers who need or require standard, custom motors or advice, design or product industrialization projects or applications in the electrical machinery sector.

We have a large inventory of standard motors in order to serve our orders immediately.

Unlike a distributor of electrical equipment, we have the capabilities to design, modify, and manufacture any machine to suit the application that the client needs.

In addition to standard motors, we offer tailored to your application electric motors and who also have an added value, such as drives high performance, high dynamic performance, or consisting of innovative structures (reluctance machines, axial flow, exterior rotor ... ).

Our services ensure you have the control over the design of your product, so your company allows you to have an external R & D at no extra cost.

On the basis of electrical machines, we offer 3 types of product: Standard product, Custom Product, tailored-made products.