Rdm quality electric machines is part of our DNA.

In rdm value the quality of our designs and products according to many parameters. Not only the performance is what counts.

We work on the engine-machine integration response and improving performance, efficiency, engine response, transient, vibration, noise or any other known parameters. We design products that add quality to your machine.

We subject our products to stringent laboratory tests as well as stress testing and life. In rdm, quality is non-negotiable and inspected, we have the most advanced technology in the industry in the area of checks and tests including a test laboratory to characterize the drives before delivery, verify that it is working, and check that the characteristics required by the customer are comfortably met.

Our test laboratory is equipped with:

  • Test of rotating machines with brakes adequate range of machines to be tested (various brake pairs 1-100 Nm).
  • Digital Power Meters.
  • Oscilloscopes.
  • Temperature sensors.
  • Automatic systems acquisition and data processing (data logger).

Our equipment allows us, among other more specific tests, relevant to the determination of characteristics according to IEC 60034 standard (recently updated to include the range of efficiency IE4 and machinery supplied by converter).

We process obtaining certificates of compliance with regulations