Customized motors

Often, standard motors and drives not fully meet the characteristics required for the application which your company are developing, but although they differ in the required set or incorporate features that allow your machine without any modification, design, develop and manufacture own engine, is a long and expensive process and especially for small amounts.

Therefore, our custom rdm solutions allow you to design and modify standard elements of our engines in order to conform and fit perfectly on your machine, substantially lowering the cost of investment and implementation.

From our standard range of Servo Motors, Brushless Motors and Drives available in catalog, and to adapt to the characteristics required application or applications, parameters such as power, torque, speed, load regime, Environment Protection, Regulations programming the controller or Drive, etc, we can carry out modifications to the product as:

  • Changes in the design and construction of the winding
  • Changes in the length of the engine.
  • Changes in the shaft and in the housing or casing.

But if the production volume is feasible, we deliver the engine parts (no housing, no axis) so that the customer can easily suit your application and adaptation of Drive controller input or control outputs and software tailored your application.


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