Servo motors and brushless motors

Brushless Servo Motors and Engines

Our range of servo motors (SM) and brushless motors (BL) comes in three sizes;

SM 060 BL 60

SM 080 BL 80

SM BL 130 130

SM series are servo motors, electric motors to be controlled with high precision because of its stability, its acceleration (fast response) and its positioning using different presition and position sensors.

The BL series motors are brushless "BPM", electric motors intended for most applications that do not require the precision of a servomotor, but require high efficiency, compact dimensions for the required power, or torque and speed control in the range of application loading, opening from here a wide range of possibilities and benefits to study for each application.

This range is designed mainly for single-phase supply voltages 220-240V 50 / 60Hz. The size 60 has engines designed for low voltage of 36Vdc, 48Vdc and 60Vdc using Drives with inputs from 18Vdc to 80VDC. The size 130 has several models to work in three-phase voltages of 380-400V 50 / 60Hz using suitable drives for this voltage.

Our range is defined constructively with aluminum casing radiated perfectly, the rear shield and front flange are also in aluminum, with machined and adjustments for a solid fastening of the machine. We use dimensioned bearings for industrial applications with long life. Especially, the front bearings are designed to withstand higher effors than it normally carries every type of power (torque and speed) efforts.

Our range of servomotors and brushless motors is built internally with a laminate of very low magnetic losses. Our range of motors with permanent magnets uses NdFeB magnets which can have a maximum working temperature of 160 ° C.

Our motor winding has a Class F insulation, compacted with resin, offers a high strength and electrical reliability for use in most environments.

The degree of protection of our engines is IP55. According to your requirements, we can perform degrees IP56, IP65, IP67.

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See here the nomenclature for obtaining the reference of your engine

SM060 SM080 SM130