Torque Motors for Direct Drive Systems

Our range of engines for applications in low speeds and high torque, called Gearless or Torque motors, consists of two series: Torque motors with housing or without housing.

rdm - Torque Motors with housing: Engines that offer a torque range with a mean from 15 to 175Nm, torque motors intended primarily for applications in systems "Direct Drive" or "Gearless" for low power in a range of speeds from 60 to 160 rpm. This range is defined into two engine sizes: AE130 and AE180. Dimensioned to mechanically withstand the stresses provides the pair, provide high strength and stiffness and coupling operation. The degree of protection of this series is IP55.

rdm – Torque motors without housing: Engines that offer a range of high torques from 50 to 600Nm, stators and rotors intended mainly for applications in systems "Direct Drive" or "Gearless" to mean power in a range of speeds from 60 to 160 rpm.

This range has been designed to fit in much of applications or machines requiring only Stator-Rotor assembly direct drive.

Our department rdm, customer support, provides all the information required to perform the integration of our Stator-Rotor assembly to the housing.

If required by tractor axle, rdm is provided as specifications for you.

The range is defined in three engine sizes: Size G200, G300 and GE250, sets Stator-Rotor inner rotor for G200 sizes and G300 and joint Stator-Rotor for the GE250-size, specially designed for applications requiring low length motor stator-rotor assembly in which we can adapt mechanically customer requirements both Stator bracket as output axle.

Made in insulation class F and neodymium magnets offer a compacted resin winding and full protection against moisture.

These two sets of Torque Motors compose a series of pairs and nominal speeds that can be adapted or modified as required to meet customer product optimization or final application. Also according to rules and work environments we can make insulation class H or IP 56, 65 or 67 according to customer protection for serial frame motors.

torque motors with housing torque motors without housing