Tailored motors

rdm electric machines known for meeting the needs of a market that requires tailored machines: rdm electric machines in research and development (R & D) are the basis ensuring their future viability.

rdm electric machines has its own research and development department in Spain. Our engineers are responsible for ongoing product development, of industrialization, the manufacturing process and its verification.

The R & D activities rdm electric machines are geared to the needs of market and customer. When the combination or modification of standard products is insufficient, particular solutions developed. These modifications can be both products on the basis of operation of the electrical machine, such as magnetic, magnetic or development wraparound entirely new circuit. Our engineering department in Research and Development is constantly cooperating with research centers and universities, helping our systems and electrical machines meet the requirements of the latest technology.

The tasks that determine the extent of this service are classified into three major issues that can be addressed in whole or independently.

a) Selection and application of electrical machines:

  • Study of the type most suitable to their replication machine.
  • Prominent features, application itself, peculiarities.
  • Feasibility of the product.
  • Technological alternatives from design to industrialization.

b) Optimization of the machine or system:

  • Study the standards to apply.
  • Adaptation and optimizing the energy efficiency of the machine.
  • Gaps, services and benefits.
  • Improved technical and economic.
  • Technical and economic study of the type of machine engine-machine (DIRECT DRIVE) integration.
  • Calculation, dimensioning and definition of materials.
  • Development of prototypes and testing, Machine Application.
  • Product Quality Control and Reliability Customer service.

c) Industrialization and Manufacturing machine:

  • Total Project Industrialization or shared
  • Study costs and Investments
  • Alternatives to suit the client and the evolution of its market.
  • Total or partial manufacture of the machine adapting to the customer.
  • Monitoring the production and operation of the machine in your application. RELIABILITY DESIGN-QUALITY-changing. We keep the product alive.